Pistol Pete

This workout was the CrossFit Bettendorf WOD 1 time on 08/31/2012

Running Dynamic Warm-Up



7x1 Rep, Ascending


BB Press

5x3 Reps, Straight Across


Pistol Pete


7 Alternating Pistols

7 Burpees


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Result Type: Rounds |  Average: 5 rounds |  Record: 8 rounds held by <a href="/profiles/16890">Adam Schmidt</a> and <a href="/profiles/18338">Tony Zier</a>
Taken 11 times by:
RankName ResultDate Taken
1Tony ZierModified 8 rounds08/31/2012
2Adam SchmidtRXed 8 rounds08/31/2012
3Angie MoyeModified 7 rounds08/31/2012
4Jon KelleyRXed 7 rounds08/31/2012
5Derek SchmidtModified 6 rounds08/31/2012
6Morgan FosterModified 6 rounds08/31/2012
7Maegan GorhamModified 6 rounds08/31/2012
8Jay StriefRXed 5 rounds08/31/2012
9Cody EdwardsRXed 5 rounds08/31/2012
10Stacey PlumbModified 5 rounds08/31/2012
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